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Musical Genre: Celtic Rock
Formed: 1989

Wolfstone were formed in 1989 after Fiddler Duncan Chisholm and guitarist Stuart Eaglesham met at a pub session in Inverness, Scotland. They formed a band to perform at Scottish dances (ceilidhs) and started playing local gigs, and became a hit. In 1991 they released their first album, Unleashed.

They continued to tour and release new albums until 1989, when they reportedly broke up for a short time, apparently because of financial problems due to poor management decisions. However, they got back together, finished their contract with Green Linnet records, and then released their live recording Live! Not Enough Shouting, followed by their first album on their own label, Once Bitten Records, Almost an Island in April 2002.

Wolfstone are continuing to tour, including the U.S. (although I wish they'd come down to the Los Angeles area!). Hopefully we'll be hearing a lot more from them in the future!

The Official Wolfstone Website
Official Site. Run by Artist. The band has contributed to this site. News, Tour Dates, Bio, Discography, Fan Club Info, Mailing List Info, Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Photos, Sound Files, Merchandise Info, Forums, Guest Book, Contact Info, Links.
Green Linnet - Artists - Wolfstone
Official Site. Run by Record Company. Bio, Discography, Merchandise Info.
Wolfstone Lyrics on
Run by Fan. Song Lyrics.
Wolfstone2006 MySpace Page
Run by Fan. Bio, Photos, Sound Files. Not official, but given the O.K. by their management. Wolfstone are apparently planning an official MySpace page.
Wolfstone FAQ
Run by Fan. FAQ.
Scottish Music friom Wolfstone
Bio, Merchandise Info, Links.
Wolfstone - Wikipedia
Bio, Discography, Links.
Google Music: Wolfstone
Discography, Photos, Merchandise Info, Links.
Mailing Lists
The Official Wolfstone Newsletter
To subscribe, follow the link above.
Wolfstone Fans
To subscribe, e-mail with "subscribe wolfstone" in the body of a message.
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The Chase (2/4/1994)
Original Release Date: 1992. Green Linnet. United States.
Unleashed (5/3/1994)
Original Release Date: 1991. Green Linnet. United States.
Year of the Dog (8/2/1994)
Green Linnet. United States.
Wolfstone, Vol. 1 (4/11/1995)
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Wolfstone, Vol. 2 (4/9/1996)
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Wolfstone, Vol. 2 (4/16/1996)
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Half Tail (8/5/1996)
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This Strange Place (2/24/1998)
Green Linnet. United States.
Seven (5/18/1999)
Green Linnet. United States.
Live! Not Enough Shouting (12/3/2002)
Original Release Date: 2000. Once Bitten.
Almost an Island (2/25/2003)
Once Bitten.

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