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Musical Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR
Formed: 1961

The original lineup of Styx got together as The Tradewinds (and later TW4) in 1961 in Chicago. Brothers Chuck and John Panozzo, Dennis De Young and John Curulewski played together at Chicago State University. Guitarist James "JY" Young joined them from a rival Chicago band. They changed their name to Styx and released their first self-titled album in 1972. Their first big hit was "Lady," on their 1973 release Styx II. Singer-guitarist Tommy Shaw joined the band in 1975, replacing John Curulewski.

They continued to release several multi-platinum albums throughout the late 70s and early 80s, including The Grand Illusion in 1977 featuring the hit "Come Sail Away," the concept album Paradise Theater (with "The Best of Times" and "Too Much Time on My Hands") in 1981 and 1983's Kilroy Was Here, featuring such hits as "Mr. Roboto" and "Don't Let It End". They followed the album up with a tour where the band members wore costumes and performed a stage show along with the music.

After the 1984 live album Caught In The Act, Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw decided to pursue solo projects and put the band on hold. They reunited in 1990 for Edge of the Century with Glen Burtnik replacing Tommy Shaw (who was busy with Damn Yankees). Their next album was Greatest Hits in 1995. In 1996 Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Tommy Shaw, and Chuck Panozzo reunited for "The Return to Paradise Theater" tour with new drummer Todd Sucherman (John Panozzo passed away in July). In 1998 they released their first studio album in nearly a decade, Brave New World. That same year Chuck Panozzo left the band, and Dennis De Young was replaced by Lawrence Gowan, which started a series of lawsuits between the former bandmates. In 2003 they released Cyclorama, and Ricky Phillips of Bad English and Babys fame joined the band.

Their latest album, from 2005, is Big Bang Theory. The band is now on tour with Def Leppard and Foreigner.

Official Site. Run by Artist. News, Tour Dates, Bio, Discography, Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Song Lyrics, Photos, Video Files, Merchandise Info.
Styx Booking
Official Site. Bio, Photos, Links, Booking info. Site by Styx's booking agent for corporate events.
Official Site. News, Photos, blog, podcasts. Was run by Styx crew member (who has since left the band after 10 years, so this site is no longer being updated).
Styx on A&M Gallery
Run by Record Company. Photos.
Styx Armada
Run by Fan Club. Fan Club Info, Links, Screensavers. Online group of Styx Fans.
Styx Chyx on the Road
Run by Fan. Reviews, Photos, Blog.
Styx Lair
Run by Fan. Photos, Guest Book, Fan Stories, Poems.
The Styx Traveler
Run by Fan. Tour Dates, Reviews, Photos, Links.
Run by Fan. Links. Currently down in protest of cease and desist letters sent to by the band's lawyers.
The Collector's Guide to Styx
Run by Fan. News, Discography, FAQ, Interviews, Links. Hasn't been updated since 2000.
Unofficial Styx Lyrics Archive
Run by Fan. News, Discography, Mailing List Info, Song Lyrics, Links.
Run by Fan. News, Forums, Links, Free e-mail.
Styx Stories Book
Run by Fan. Reviews, Fan Stories.
Martin's Styx Page
Run by Fan. Discography, Sound Files, Guest Book, Links.
Susan's Styx Site
Run by Fan. Articles, Reviews, Photos, Video Files, Merchandise Info, Guest Book, Links, Screen Savers, Blog.
Pieces of Eight
Run by Fan. Mailing List Info, Photos, Guest Book, Links.
Run by Fan. News, Bio, Discography, Links.
StyxFest MySpace Page
Run by Fan. News, Mailing List Info, Fan Convention Info.
Run by Fan. News, Mailing List Info, Links. Information on Styx fan convention.
Styx Star Fund
Run by Fan. News, Bio, Mailing List Info, Merchandise Info, Links. Site to work on getting Styx a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Run by Fan. News, Reviews, Photos, Guest Book, Links, Styx games. Hasn't been updated in a while.
Paradise Theater
Run by Fan. Mailing List Info, Articles, Interviews, Photos, Links. 2.0
Run by Fan. News, Tour Dates, Discography, FAQ, Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Merchandise Info, Links, collectors info.
Brave New Generation
Run by Fan. News, Bio, Mailing List Info, Forums, Guest Book, Links.
The Styx Armada Birthday List
Run by Fan. Photos, Links, Birthdays.
Ms. Robotto's Stygian Home
Run by Fan. News, Photos, Guest Book, Links, Blog, Styx Drinking Game.
Men of Miracles
Run by Fan. News, Tour Dates, Bio, Discography, Articles, Photos, Links. In Russian.
Pieces of Styx
Run by Fan. Bio, Discography, Song Lyrics, Guest Book, Links.
Tanirocker's The 14th Row
Run by Fan. Photos, Links.
Return To Paradise
Run by Fan. Discography, Photos, Links, Chart Info.
Chreyl's Styx Experiences
Run by Fan. Reviews, Photos.
Styx - The Grand Illusion
Run by Fan. News, Tour Dates, Discography, Song Lyrics, Guest Book, Links.
Rocktavius' Paradise of Illusions
Run by Fan. Song Lyrics, Links.
Styx Pictures
Run by Fan. Photos.
Persephone's Underworld
Run by Fan. Bio, Song Lyrics.
My Styx Stuff
Run by Fan. Reviews, Photos, Links.
The Elysian Fields
Run by Fan. News, Guest Book, Links.
Styx on
Tour Dates.
CoolStreams Internet Radio - Styx
Discography, Merchandise Info, Links.
Styx Wikipedia Entry
Bio, Discography, Links.
VH1 Behind The Music: Styx
Photos, Links, show info.
VH1: Styx
News, Tour Dates, Bio, Videography, Mailing List Info, Video Files, Forums, Links, ringtones.
Styx Lyrics on Lyric System
Bio, Song Lyrics, Photos.
CoolStreams Internet Radio - Styx
Discography, Merchandise Info, Links.
Styx Photos on
Photos, Merchandise Info.
Styx Pollstar Page
Tour Dates.
Styx on AllMusic
Bio, Discography, Photos, Sound Files, Video Files.
Styx at ContactMusic
News, Mailing List Info, Photos.
Styx ArtistDirect Page
News, Tour Dates, Bio, Discography, Videography, Photos, Sound Files, Video Files, Links.
Tour Dates. In German.
Mailing Lists
Styx Mailing List
To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail with the message SUBSCRIBE STYX.
Styx Street Team
For people involved in the Styx Star Fund project. To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
Information on the Styx Star Fund project. To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
Mailing list for fan convention. To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
Mailing List for book "The Grand Illusion" by Chuck Panozzo about the band. To subscribe, follow the link above or e-mail
Styx ContactMusic News Letter
To subscribe, follow the link above.
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Styx II (10/5/1990)
Original Release Date: 7/1/1973. RCA. United States.
Crystal Ball (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 10/1/1976. A&M. United States.
The Grand Illusion (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 7/1/1977. A&M. United States.
Pieces of Eight (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 9/1/1978. A&M. United States.
Equinox (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 12/1/1975. A&M. United States.
Cornerstone (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 10/1/1979. A&M. United States.
Kilroy Was Here (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 2/1/1983. A&M. United States.
Paradise Theater (10/25/1990)
Original Release Date: 1/2/1981. A&M. United States.
Caught in the Act (7/9/1991)
Original Release Date: 4/1/1984. A&M. United States. 2-disc live cd.
Edge of the Century (3/23/1993)
Original Release Date: 10/9/1990. A&M. United States.
Greatest Hits (8/22/1995)
A&M. United States.
Greatest Hits, Part II (6/11/1996)
A&M. United States.
Styx (11/24/1998)
Original Release Date: 9/1/1972. One Way Records Inc. United States.
Brave New World (6/29/1999)
Sanctuary Records. United States.
Return to Paradise (9/28/1999)
Sanctuary Records. United States. DVD with DVD-ROM bonus content.
Styx World: Live 2001 (6/5/2001)
Sanctuary Records. United States.
Styx Guitar Collection (4/1/2002)
Hal Leonard Corporation. United States. Book of Guitar Transcriptions.
At the River's Edge: Live in St. Louis (7/9/2002)
Sanctuary Records. United States.
Cyclorama (2/18/2003)
Sanctuary Records. United States. Enhanced CD
21st Century Live (10/7/2003)
Sanctuary Records. United States. CD + DVD
Styx - 20th Century Masters (5/4/2004)
A&M. United States. DVD.
Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology (5/4/2004)
A&M. United States. Original Recording Remastered.
2-disc greatest hits.
The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings (2/15/2005)
Hip-O Records. United States. Original Recording Remastered, 2-CD set.
Yesterday & Today (2/22/2005)
Collectables. United States. Live CD with bonus video.
Big Bang Theory (5/10/2005)
New Door Records. United States.
One with Everything (11/7/2006)
New Door Records. United States. Live recording with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland.
One with Everything (11/21/2006)
Eagle Vision USA. United States. DVD with he Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland
The Grand Delusion: The Unauthorized True Story of Styx (3/8/2007)
BookSurge Publishing. United States. Book by Sterling Whitaker.
The Grand Illusion: Love, Lies, and My Life With Styx (5/15/2007)
AMACOM/American Management Association. United States. Book about the band by Chuck Panozzo and Michele Skettino

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