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This page lists other websites where you can find music-related information. Just select a category below!

Artist Direct
The Online Guitar Archive
Song Lyrics
The Rough Guide to Music
WWW Music Database

Ask Jeeves
Music Specific Search Engine
Starting Point

Cuneiform Records
Escape Music
AOR/Melodic Rock/Metal
Frontiers Records
AOR/Melodic Rock/Metal
Inside Out Music
Progressive Rock/Metal
Inside Out Music America
American division
Limb Music Products (LMP)
Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal
Magna Carta Records
Progressive rock.
MTM Music
AOR/Melodic Rock/Metal
Now and Then Records
British label. AOR/melodic rock.
Reprise records
Seems to have a variety of stuff, including some 80's style new wave (such as Depeche Mode).

AOR Basement
Consumable Online
Started in 1993 but shut down in 2000. Archives still avaliable online.
Cosmik Debris
Creem Magazine
America's Only Rock and Roll Magazine (that bills itself as such) is back in the hands of the people who originally created it, and it's great to have it back! I really missed these guys! I interned with them for 2 months in around 2001 and was able to bring back some of the old-style Creem, but it wasn't the same as the old days. A rock/metal magazine with an attitude and a great sense of humor. Highly recommended!
Metal Edge Magazine
NY Rock
Online Metal magazine

AOR Heaven
CD Connection
CD Universe
If you can't find it anywhere else check here. It's a great place to find import, out-of-print, and hard to find titles! I shop there regularly myself, so it's highly recommended!
Harling's AOR, Melodic Rock, Melodic Prog Metal
A very good ebay seller for AOR/Melodic Rock. I've bought several things from them lately and have not been disappointed!
Renegade Records
The Artist Shop
Progressive rock, including independent and artist owned labels

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Radio
WUSB 90.1 FM Stonybrook, NY
College radio station at the State University of New York at Stonybrook. (Former home of Local Rock.)

Local Rock
My own site for a radio show I used to do on WUSB (see radio stations). Admittedly not updated too often but if I can get this site up and running better that site will be next!:)
Unsigned Band Web

Bill's Best Rock Music Page
Carolyn's Metal Music Page
Heavy Harmonies
AOR, Hard Rock, and Melodic Metal Band Reference
Heavy Metal
Page on the Mining Co/About
Metal Mania
Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp
Newsletter for Melodic Pop and Rock


The Synthpop Network

80's Music Central
The '80s Server


Music related Information and resources. Music magazine indexes, music fanzine, discography of U,S. punk & Hardcore, etc.

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