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Web Pages

Official site. News, bio, discography, tour dates, lyrics, sound files, fan club info, forums, merchandise, online chat, links, etc.
Sony Music Journey Page
Record company page. News, information, tour dates, audio message from Steve Perry, discography, sound files, links, etc.
The Journey Digest WWW Site
Mailing List web site. News, information, mailing list info and archives, chat info, discography, pictures, sound files, files, guestbook, links, etc.
Faithful Ones Network
Fan club page. Has new posted from people who've talked to band members and the band members themselves. News, information, tour info, survey, signup form, links, etc.
The Journey Trivia WWW Page
Fan page. News, information, trivia challenge, fan page, bio, chat page, pictures, guestbook, links, etc.
The Departure Page
Fan page. News, information, guest book, chat room, links, etc.
Journey Tribute Page
Fan page. News, information, tour dates, FAQ, time line, discography, videography, articles, interviews, newsletter info, mailing list info, chat info, arcade game information, tribute band info, Journey Convention 98 info, lyrics, pictures, sound files, multimedia files, links, etc.
Journey Fans Network
News, information, Steve Perry Mailing List info, tour dates, convention info, fan database, interviews, discography, lyrics, reviews, pictures, links, etc.
Journey Fans Net Faces
Fan pictures.
The Monker's Journey Page
Fan page. History, pictures, discography, links, etc.
Dominic's Journey Page
Fan page. Autograph, pictures, links. Outdated.
Tara's Journey Jam
Fan page. Discography, links. Outdated.
Journey Graphics Page
Assorted Journey graphics.
Journey Discography
Journey iMusic Bulletin Board
Journey UBL Listing
Page on the Ultimate Band List. Links to other Journey related sites.

Mailing Lists

The Journey Digest Mailing List
Unmoderated, fan discussion list. Low to medium traffic, but can get busy at times. The band doesn't seem to get involved at all (or anyone related to the band) and it occasionally suffers from "imposter syndrome", where people post pretending to be band members. However, some of the posters have stories about meeting the band members, and sections from interviews from the old fan club newsletter have been posted. To subscribe e-mail with subscribe journey-l or subscribe journey-l-digest in the body of the message.

FTP Sites



IRC and Other Online Chats

#deepgroove on
The Journey/Storm Chat Room
WWW based (Java). Can also get in through IRC to channel #jrnystorm.
Another WWW based Journey Chat

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