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Electric Light Orchestra
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Web Pages

The Electric Light Orchestra Appreciation Society Website
Fan page. News, information, tour dates, discography, fanzine info, interview, timeline, chat room, sound files, reviews, winamp skins, links, etc.
The Electric Light Orchestra Web Site
Fan page. News, history, discography, lyrics, photos, fan club info, downloads, games, links, chat room, etc.
ELO Page
Fan page. Information, discography, links, etc.
The Chilean Electric Light Orchestra's Home Page
Fan page. Written in Spanish. Most of the links weren't working when I checked.
Rockaria!: The Definitive ELO Discography
Fan page. Discography, lyrics, sound files, links, etc.
The Electric Light Orchestra Appreciation Society Yahoo Club
Electric Light Orchestra ARTISTdirect Page

Mailing Lists

Unmoderated discussion list. Seems pretty low traffic. To subscribe e-mail or go to

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