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Jaded Heart to release new album - Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 14:09
Jaded Heart's new CD, "Sinister Mind" will be available on October 19th. Frontiers records has posted samples from the new album here and on their MySpace, and they sound great!

This is their second album since singer Michael Bormann left the band, and new singer Johan Fahlberg (ex-Scudiero, another great band) has been doing a great job! They also have a new guitarist, Peter Ostros, on this release. According to the label press release:
"The sound on the album is definitely heavier and more in your face, still keeping intact the elements that has created the recognizable and well-known Jaded Heart sound. Production was handled by some of the most requested guys in the German Hard Rock scene: Michael Voss (Mad Max, Voices Of Rock), Chris Lausmann (ex-Bonfire, Voices Of Rock) and Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and you can definitely hear a sound that has the "million dollar bucks" trademark!"

They are already working on European tour dates to support the album (now if only they'd play the U.S.!).

The complete track listing is:
Justice Is Deserved
Sinister Mind
Going Under
See The Light
Open Your Eyes
My Eager's Red
Always On My Mind
Heavenly Devotion
To Please And Give In
Crush That Fear

This will definitely be one to look for!

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