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Lanny Cordola Auction - Monday, August 20, 2007 at 01:36
Lanny Cordola (former House of Lords/Giuffria guitarist) is auctioning off some rare memorabilia, including 2 guitars and various clothing fom his career during the 80s. According to a spokesperson:
"These are one-of-a-kind artifacts any Lanny Cordola fan will cherish. There's the infamous 1981 Ibanez Destroyer that Lanny used as a member of Mondo Cane and Giuffria. We also have a Fender acoustic guitar personally autographed to Lanny by Beach Boy Brian Wilson in 1989."

The clothing includes a very cool red leopard-print motorcycle jacket he wore in the video for "Love Don't Lie", a black studded trench coat and leather pants he wore during the 1988-89 House of Lords tour, and 2 jackets and a sweater from his affiliations with Simmons Records, the TV show Full House (he was a semi-regular cast member), and guitar maker B.C. Rich.

Lanny is currently involved in production of a documentary on jazz legend John Coltrane and is renovating his home. As he stated:
"Basically, I need to make room for film editing and recording equipment. It only seems fitting that I pass along some of the things I've amassed over the years to fans and collectors."

To see the items and the complete press release go to

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