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Gary Hughes Completing New Solo Album - Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 12:20
Ten singer Gary Hughes is putting the final touches on his new solo album, Veritas. He is quoted as saying "the songs on this album are among the strongest I have ever written in my lifetime".

He's made some changes to add a little more diversity to this album compared to his last one, Precious Ones from 1998:
"I have gone for a variety of music styles with regard to musicians this time around", explains Gary, "drummer Dave Ingledew and bass player Rick Stewart are currently members of British Dark Metal band Devil To Pay, Jason Robinson is the drummer with Alternative Metal band Absent Minds, whilst Simon Brayshaw is the bass player with British Blues outfit Nightshift. From the Ten ranks, Chris Francis contributes with leadwork once again and John Halliwell has taken acoustic guitar duties as usual".

Gary himself is playing the keyboards and handling the orchestrations. The album will be released from Frontiers Records in November.

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