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Inside Out Music Announce New Threshold "Best Of" - Saturday, September 8, 2007 at 17:00
Inside Out Music have announced they will be releasing a new 2-CD "best of" Threshold in November. According to their MySpace, the album, The Ravages of Time, will include songs from throughout their long career, including a few previously-unreleased radio edits.

The full tracklisting is:

CD One: The Latter Years

1. Slipstream (radio edit)
2. Light And Space (edit)
3. Mission Profile
4. Falling Away
5. The Ravages Of Time
6. Phenomenon
7. Pressure (radio edit)
8. Fragmentation
9. Oceanbound
10. The Art Of Reason
11. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (radio edit)

(Total 71:29)

CD Two: The Former Years

1. The Latent Gene
2. A Tension Of Souls
3. Eat The Unicorn
4. Consume To Live
5. Innocent
6. Exposed (radio edit)
7. Sanity's End
8. The Whispering
9. Voyager II

(Total 70:06)

Meanwhile, Threshold are currently touring Europe in support of their latest album, Dead Reckoning, and will be here in the U.S. in October for ProgPower. For more news, check the official Threshold webpage.

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