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Harem Scarem Cancel MelodicRockFest Appearance - Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 00:23
According to, Harem Scarem have been forced to cancel their appearance at MelodicRockFest on October 6. They will not be able to obtain work visas in time for the show, and they cannot come in as tourists and do the show or they'll risk being permanently banned from the country.

Harry Hess was quoted as saying:
"Hello everyone, I feel it's only right to let everyone know as soon as possible that we (Harem Scarem) are not going to be able to attend the Melodic Rock festival in Chicago October 6th.

We currently do not have the proper work visas to enter the country. We were under the impression that we could cross the boarder to play a promo show but as it turns out if tickets are being sold and people are attending the proper work visas need to be in place and unfortunately we would need at least 21 days to rectify this problem at this point.

The repercussions of getting caught could be a lifetime ban from entering the U.S and trouble when traveling internationally for life. I originally tried to leave our agent out of this arrangement because it was basically a benefit concert to help Melodic, but this is where we should have had him handling the immigration details because we would have been told from the start that this is not doable under these circumstances.

Andrew has been extremely supportive of the band over the years and we don't want this incident to reflect badly on him and his efforts to help our scene. Please accept our sincerest apologizes to the fans and everyone involved with the festival. To take some responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in we have decided to record a 4 song acoustic EP and donate the entire proceeds to to help the site financially (which was the whole reason we agreed to do this in the first place).

Again, we apologize for this major oversight on our part."

This is definitely bad news, but the creator of the site and show is already hard at work looking for a worthwhile replacement, so it will be interesting to see who he gets to fill in.

At least now I feel a little better about the fact that realistically there's no way I can make the show (I'm having enough trouble finding a flight to NY for my high school reunion a couple of weeks after the show).

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