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AC/DC recording new album - Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 04:25
After five years of dormancy, classic rock phenoms AC/DC are back in the studio recording a new album. According to Lead singer Brian Johnson, the band is planning on hitting the road with a new tour as well. Johnson is currently traveling with "The Classic Rock Cares Tour" and was recently interviewed on a stop through New Jersey by The Daily Record.

"Malcom and Angus (Young, the brothers who are the group's co-founders and chief composers) are in the studio," he reports. "There's an album in the works, and a tour, too, I think. The boys are working' on something special. They don't want to do just another album." (for more information, see the Daily Record)

This is amazing news for fans of the band. AC/DC is legendary for putting on an amazing live performance, and since it's been five years since their last tour, this one should be something to remember.

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