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L.A. Guns Information (from Vall of the L.A Guns) - Monday, April 9, 2001 at 00:43
Here's some news from the LA GUNS camp:

  • The new album MAN IN THE MOON will be out April 24

  • There will be a meet and greet at tower records on April 24 on Sunset Blvd in L.A.

  • The new single MAN IN THE MOON is available on under mp3s.

  • The new single will be out April 10 to metal radio and to common radio on May 28th.

Other dates (times not determined yet):

They will be doing a album release tour in 200 seat venues around the U.S. and are co-headlining a summer tour with FASTER PUSSYCAT.
The current LA GUNS line up is as follows

Phil Lewis - vocals
Tracii Guns - guitars
Mick Cripps - keyboards and guitar
Muddy - bass
Steve Reily - drums.

All confirmed tour dates are available on LA GUNS official web site at

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