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John Wetton Update - Friday, August 10, 2007 at 16:31
John Wetton with me (Sharan)According to the official John Wetton e-mail newsletter and, he received open-heart surgery earlier today. Apparently everything went as planned and he is in stable condition, which is good news! John wants to thank everyone for their love and support, and sent this message:
"I have often found in my life that what I thought could be the worst thing that could happen to a nice fellow like me, has usually turned out to be the best thing"

The Icon tour dates planned for November have also been cancelled.

There has apparently been a large demand to send cards and gifts to John, so they have set up an address for that:

John Wetton
c/o qedg management
PO Box 6249,
Leighton Buzzard,
Bedfordshire, UK

Keep checking (and here, since I'll be watching the situation closely for updates too) for more updates!

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