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Rocker's Ramblings is where I will be posting about site updates, as well as general music-related comments.

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A database? Wishful thinking
I'm slowly but surely trying to get some more work done here. I've finished updating the a's and b's to add CD Now links. It's going slowly, but the good news is as I go I'm not only removing any dead links I find, but I'm also trying to add some new links! Some of the ones that wind up with a lot more added are going to be showing up in the Featured Artist section above. I might not even update this every time I push a few changes so keep an eye on that too!

Also, in the interests of saving time I will not be putting a list of what's on a page if it's a part of a big music site. They all tend to be pretty similar, so if you've seen one of their pages you should have a good idea of what's there. Maybe once this site gets moved into a database and is easier and faster to updaten I'll start doing that again. Meanwhile, typing all this stuff in by hand is a slow process, so if I want to get more up here I'll have to cut a few corners.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Sunday, October 14, 2001 at 00:59

A new job
Sorry to have disappeared again, but I managed to find a job at Team One Advertising in El Segundo as a Web Developer and moved back down to Los Angeles about 3 1/2 months ago. I now do web sites for Lexus and other things. So between that and other things going on lately (fortunately no one I know is missing, although my brother worked in Building 7 of the World Trade Center and got out shortly before the towers collapsed, but being from NY things hit me pretty hard) I'm still trying to get settled and find the time to update this site. Fortunately, the new computer I got put together for me back in November FINALLY became reliable a month or so ago (it's an AMD Athlon 1.1ghtz and had MAJOR heat problems until I got a new case/heatsink/etc.) so I can finally run the software I need without worrying about my computer crashing:).

In the future I plan on making this site database driven so it will be a lot easier to update and keep up to date. Right now with my schedule that is difficult and I know I'm way behind and probably months or in some cases years behind on answering e-mails (Sorry!). I still have them all and plan on answering them eventually once I have time to actually make the changes and additions you requested. But moving from New York to Florida, back to New York, to Los Angeles, to Berkeley, and then BACK to Los Angeles in the space of about 5 years can seriously eat up your time. It also seriously ate my money and left me with a lousy credit card debt, so I decided to take on another affiliation, this time with CD Now. GEMM is great for the more specialized hard to find stuff: used, out of print, and hard to get imports. If you want to compare prices that's the place to go! CD Now is good for newer, easier to find cds if you'd rather deal with a bigger name site. Or you can always compare prices on both:). Eventually I might add more to give you even more options so if you find a band here and decide you want to find their music, you can! So if you want to help support Rockers Online, please order music through us:).

Updating with the CD Now links is going to be a long slow process but as I go I'm trying to fix or delete broken links and even add a couple of sites as I go:). So far I've done the A's and I hope to get even more up this weekend.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Friday, September 28, 2001 at 01:00

15 minutes of...
Rock Star (or my 15 minutes on the cutting room floor)

Over a year ago I entered a Warner Brother metal Rules contest through the website, and was one of 10 selected to get 2 tickets and 2 backstage passes to the Metal Rules festival, where they were filming concert scenes for the recently released movie "Rock Star" with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. After that I got another e-mail, that I was selected as the grand prize winner! I got to be an extra in the movie! I filmed the scene (the one at the end in the club in Seattle) and had a lot of fun (and even got paid for it). Jennifer Anniston was going to meet me afterward but things ran so late she was too tired, which was understandable. They also were going to send me autographed pictures but never did:(.

I figured I'd be pretty noticeable. it's a MAJOR scene and Mark Wahlberg walks right past me. And I was wearing my purple suede jacket, a purple shirt, and a purple and blue skirt, which should have stood out;).

So I went opening weekend with a friend of mine. Damn, they cut a lot out of that scene:(. I watched as Mark Wahlberg started walking back and just as he's about to walk past cuts to something else. *sigh* I guess I'll have to hope for a director's cut on DVD. But you know what, it's still a really good movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music! And the soundtrack's pretty damn good too;). I enjoyed the movie and it was pretty damn cool to see scenes and know I was there, and to know I almost was in a really GOOD movie:). Now someone explain to me why this isn't doing as well as the lousy "The Musketeer"?;)
Click on the Poster to go to the Movie Site!

Click on the poster to get more information on this great movie!

The poster photographed above is the property of Warner Brothers and is being used for promotional purposes only. If there's any problem with that contact me through the contacts page on this website and I'll be happy to take it down.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Friday, September 28, 2001 at 00:35

That's "Senior" HTML Programmer to you.
Added news page. Everything else is being slowed down by the job hunt and my decision to move back to L.A. after my current job as Senior HTML Programmer for href="" target="r2"> ends on April 30. For more information see my href="" target="r2">resume;).
Posted by Sharan Volin on Monday, April 9, 2001 at 01:01

Navigation changes
Started making navigation changes with PHP. This is going to take a while to fully update the site and there hopefully shouldn't be any problems, but if you find any let me know!
Posted by Sharan Volin on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 01:01

Minor site updates
Made some more changes to the home page, added navigation buttons to header frame.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Monday, February 12, 2001 at 01:01

All about ME!
Redesigned this home page, changed frameset. Created new About Us Page, footer, and replaced header throughout site.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 01:02

Sad news...
I just heard the bad news today from my mother that Scott Smith of Loverboy was washed off his boat off the coast of San Francisco last thursday:(. The coast guard has given up the search but his family is keeping it
up. I was lucky enough to meet him twice, the first time on their Lovin' Every Minute Of It Tour. They were doing an autographing at a record store on Long Island, NY where I lived, and while I got everyone's autographs I asked him if I could get an interview with them for my high school newspaper. He was really nice and gave me their management's phone number in Vancouver, although I never was able to call until much later when I worked for my college radio station, WUSB, and at that time they weren't doing anything so I couldn't get the interview.

The next night I saw the band at Nassau Coliseum, and I was lucky enough to get seats very close to the stage (row 13 seat 13 I think:).), and at one point Scott saw me and winked at me from on stage. It was a moment I will never forget.

A couple of years ago I saw them on tour again, in a much smaller place this time unfortunately, and I made sure I stayed after the show and got to meet all the band members, and got pictures of them (once I get my scanner hooked up again I'll have to make sure to scan them in now), and of myself with them, including with Scott. Again, he was a nice, friendly person, and I told him about that other time when I'd met him and how I still remember it.

I'd like to send my sympathy to his friends and family, and to his fiancé. I certainly hope he's found somehow, but if not, he'll definitely be missed. If you want to pass along your sympathy has more complete news and a Tribute Message Board Page that will be printed out and given to his friends and family. I've also updated the Loverboy page here and added that and a bunch of other Loverboy sites (and cleared out any links that are no longer good).
Posted by Sharan Volin on Monday, December 4, 2000 at 01:03

A new computer
There's good news: I finally got a new computer! This means now that I can be online and have Frontpage 2000 open (I hand-code HTML at work all day so when I get home hand-coding is the last thing I want to do;). Besides, the verify hyperlinks command is a lifesaver for this site!)  at the same time and a bunch of IE windows along with everything else, I won't have that to stop me from working on the site:).

Don't expect too much just yet, though, since things are pretty crazy right now. About 4 months ago I transferred to the San Francisco office of my company and moved up to Berkeley from Los Angeles (which was an adventure. My car died literally in the middle of nowhere on the way.), and 2 1/2 months later the company announced that they're closing to SF office and moving everything down to L.A. They want me to move back but instead I'm looking for another job up here as of April 30 when they close the office.

Meanwhile, I just finished adding things to the rest of the alphabet to keep the whole site consistent, and did a little cleanup of bad links. I also changed the targets throughout the site (a global search and replace thanks to Cold Fusion Studio) so the links should only open one other window, instead of a different window every time. I thought this might be easier than winding up with a lot of windows open at the same time.:) If anyone preferred it the other way send me an e-mail, and if I get enough complaints I can always change it back.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Saturday, December 2, 2000 at 01:06

A little T and ... uh... U
Did the T's and U's. I'm getting there! In other big news, I've also registered the domains and so youcan get here through those too. I've also registered and although it just points here for now, I hope to move Local Rock onto this server at some point and have it point directly to that, and work on that one more.
Posted by Sharan Volin on Monday, November 6, 2000 at 01:07

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